Pest Exclusion Services

Our Service will Protect Your Home
from Nature's Invaders

Rodents, squirrels, and other vermin in your home are extremely inconvenient, to say the least. These pests love to chew through wires, eat drywall, tear up insulation, and leave droppings everywhere

If you have these "guests" in your home more often than you would like, we have a permanent solution available at Nature's Edge. Older homes often offer rodents several gaps that let them into your home, especially since they can squeeze into the smallest of gaps. 

We can handle mice, rats, squirrels, and other wildlife such as birds, bats, opossums, raccoons, etc. Please call us for details. 

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Three Steps for Pest Exclusion

Step 1: Inspection

We will begin by inspecting your home to properly identify any possible entry points. We search from the top of your roof to the bottom of the foundation!

Rodent Control

Step 2: Planning

We will tailor a custom solution to strategically eliminate any existing pests and to keep future pests away from your home.

Step 3: Solution

We will finish up by professionally sealing the following areas: 

  • Roof returns
  • Gutters
  • Gable vents
  • Soffits
  • Siding
  • Plumbing vents
  • Dryer vents
  • Crawlspace vents
  • Crawlspace pipes
  • Crawlspace door
  • Garage doors
  • Other holes & cracks

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Pest Exclusion Services are an integral part of our pest management at Nature's Edge. We are proud to provide peace of mind that your home will remain rodent and pest-free. Pests won't even be able to use wall or cabinetry voids as living spaces because we seal any entry points! This also prevents other pests such as cockroaches from easily entering and traveling in your home without being seen. Our Pest Exclusion Services are the perfect pest prevention solution!

Our Pest Exclusion Service is guaranteed forever with an annual renewal!

  • If pests return to areas that we've sealed up, we will come to fix that area at no cost to you!
  • We aren't a contractor that will show up one time, never to be heard of again!
  • We offer peace of mind that your health and property are protected!

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